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The Lion's Den is a contemporary Comedy Club set in a a basement nightclub in the West End on Shaftesbury Avenue. We run a live show in London every Tuesday and always need more audience.

We specialise in giving acts a great stage with an excellent sound system, lighting, the arena for free speech and the audience that won't killl you for using that as long as you're funny.

Despite our name we have a very supportive attitude toward newbies and up-and-coming acts. After a show, you are welcome to hang out as the pace picks up and the night turns into a commercial dance night.

We get a good deal on drinks - at the time of writing this (7/Apr/15) - it's a bottle of wineor 2 Cocktails or three bottled beers for a tenner.

Come and bring your laugh to the people trying to earn it. It's £4 entry. Act or audience and the more audience we get the better the night gets.

We aim to give both the acts and the audience a relaxed and friendly place to enjoy doing something they love - whether it's laughing, or making other people laugh. do in London on a Tuesday list'.

Do yourself a favor - come down and see a show.


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Please call in advance if you intend to turn up with 6 of more people and we will do our best to accommodate you and your friends by reserving rows and having your pre-ordered drinks ready so you won't have a wait at the bar...


We give performers (new and old) a stage to shine on. We always try to ensure a mixture of experienced and totally fresh acts for your entertainment. It's interactive, reactive and sometimes unattractive but it's always different and fresh. We don't allow gratuitous heckling but don't mind a bit when there is just cause. Remember, comedians have feelings too.

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If variety is what you're looking for then check us out! We are also well known for accommodating first timers. Add our happy hour into the mix and we can guarantee you will enjoy the night so much you'll be back again and again.

Our door price of £4 has remained the same since we opened and we do a special rate of 2 for £8!

Apparently Laughter releases endorphins in the brain which make us feel good, also it reduces the hormone cortisol which is linked to stress. In addition, a good laugh can raise your immune levels by up to 40%. Every time you laugh - you tone your stomach muscles and exercise your respiratory system, becoming a slightly better human being. Coming to a comedy show can count as fitness training if you clap lots as well as laugh. Also, laughter has a natural aphrodisiac effect. Bringing a date to the club would be a great idea. We'll do the 'making them laugh' bit and hopefully we'll do wonders for your love life. If you're single it's also a great place to meet single comedians. Laughing is also probably good treatment for depression and sadness. It's the right place at the right time.
Yes! Do it! Come.. We need good audiences. Audiences that stay to the bitter end. Audiences like you!

We run EVERY Tuesday and Thursday at Bar Rumba with our Comedy Car Crash Open Mic format. It's the Genesis of Jokes and Jokers.

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